About Us


President – Charles Taylor, term up April 2023
phone: 715-299-5986

Trustee – Dave Linberg, term up April 2023
phone: 715-963-2635

Trustee – Gene Larson, term up April 2023
phone: 715-963-1112

Trustee – Sharon Truschka, term up April 2024
phone: 715-533-9440 Email: sharontruschka7@gmail.com

Trustee – Jerard Mageland, Term up April 2024

Superintendent Public Works – Jim Simonson Email- jimsimonson@tcc.coop

Public Works – Randy Lindberg

Clerk – Laurie Mueller  Email- lauriemueller@tcc.coop

Deputy Clerk – Karen Brown  Email- karenbrown@tcc.coop

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am trying to get arrangements made to put the year of death on my mother’s stone at Trinity Rest Cemetery. My father’s is already on it. I also need to make arrangements for grave opening to bury my mother’s ashes next to my dad. I don’t have a date settled on to come out there yet but I need information on what I need to do. Thank you very much. Parents were: Herman Mitchell and Doris Mitchell.


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